Postcards from Sengoku Japan: The Mori’s Last Stand

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Making a game’s visuals spectacular is a technical achievement. Making them beautiful is an artistic one, and at its best, Shogun 2 delivers both. Here, as a vastly superior enemy army marches out of the fog, the Mori clan prepares to make its last stand. (To be precise, my last stand. This is what happens when I attempt an econ strategy before securing my borders.)

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4 thoughts on “Postcards from Sengoku Japan: The Mori’s Last Stand”

    1. Unfortunately no. Too many enemies and their troops were better than mine (they had several units of samurai, I had mostly ashigaru).

  1. You’d think the bridge could be burnt down. Doesn’t solve the problem of the other river crossing though.

    That’s what I liked with Company of Heroes is being able to destroy bridges, and subsequently rebuild them again.

    1. True, since you can burn down the castle gates.

      CoH did so many cool things, didn’t it? I wish I could enjoy that game more than I do.

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