About the site

Welcome! Established since 2010, Matchsticks for my Eyes is a site about stories, strategy games, and soundtracks.

About the editor

The site is edited by me, Peter Sahui. If a good story is a journey into its world, then I have been privileged to travel through so many worlds of wonder. I’ve been playing games since 1990, reading since at least that time, and watching anime since 2003. I hope that by sharing some of the stories I’ve experienced, you’ll want to stay up with matchsticks of your own.

What I play: Mostly strategy games.

What I read: History, historical fiction, science fiction, and fantasy. I look for strong plots, vivid characters, imaginative and detailed worldbuilding, themes that will leave me thinking, and clean, clear prose.

Recurring contributors

Besides Peter, recurring contributors to the site include:

Rachel McFadden (aka frogbeastegg): Rachel has been gaming since she discovered the original Prince of Persia on the IBM 286sx PC. Whilst strategy and RPGs are her preferred genres, she is a multiplatform gamer who will play almost anything provided it isn’t sport, car racing, or multiplayer only. Under the frogbeastegg name Rachel has written guides for many of the Total War series, various AARs for strategy games, and a few pieces of fiction. When not engaged in reminding various virtual populaces that she is in fact the Supreme Ruler of the Universe and the One True Hero, Rachel can typically be found with her nose in a book.

Comments policy

Good discussion requires a welcoming environment, and a welcoming environment requires that users stay respectful towards one another. In other words, don’t be a jerk, a creep, or a troll. If you have to stop and think about whether a comment crosses the line, then it probably does. We reserve the right to delete or edit any comments that we deem abusive.


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