Musical Monday: Video Games Live’s Okami

This week’s song is Video Games Live’s arrangement of one of my favourite soundtracks, Okami. It comes from VGL’s recently released Level 5 album, available in the usual places (and also on Spotify). I think I’ve backed or purchased every VGL album so far, and this is one of the strongest. Enjoy!

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Musical Monday: “Ryoshima Coast” (Okami), composed by Hiroshi Yamaguchi

With Okami HD now out for PS3, this is a great time to showcase another one of my favourite songs from the game. Where the Shinshuu Fields were the hub for the game’s first half, the Ryoshima Coast is the hub for the second half; its beautiful music is the perfect match for its visuals. Enjoy!


Musical Monday: “Shinshuu Fields” (Okami), composed by Masami Ueda

This week’s song is neither an opening nor a closing theme — it is, effectively, Okami‘s overworld theme. It’s the background music for the Shinshuu Fields, the “hub” area for the game’s first act, and much like the Morrowind theme from two weeks ago, its lilting, upbeat tones are the perfect thing to send you off on an adventure. Enjoy!



Track: “Shinshu Plains 1” & “Shinshu Plains 2” (spliced together in this video and in the in-game music player)

Source: Okami soundtrack

Composer: Masami Ueda

Okami HD coming to PS3

Beautiful and artistic, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and Okami are three of my favourite games of all time. The first two were ported to the PS3 last year, and now it’s Okami‘s turn: Capcom has announced Okami HD, with optional Move support, will come out later this year. Trailer below:


As one Youtube commenter points out, I don’t recall the PS2 version of the game being anywhere near that blurry, but I’ll welcome anything that could bring such a great game to a wider audience (or even just ensure its availability for an HD platform).