Who wants a walk-on role in my XCOM: Enemy Unknown squad?

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Calling all readers, aspiring alien-hunters, and Guile-haired jumpsuit-wearers! With XCOM: Enemy Unknown‘s release just a month and a half away, Earth needs a few* brave** men and women. As in the original X-Com, players will be able to rename their soldiers at will, and for the XCOM game diary I’m planning, I’d love to name my troopers after you guys. Though I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and incoming plasma, it’ll be exciting while it lasts! Who’s with me?! Do you want to live forever?!


Ahem. If you’re interested, leave a comment below and I’ll add your name to the bottom of this post. Once the game is out, I’ll probably either create a new post with all the custom-named soldiers and their current status, or just expand on this post. So check back in a couple months’ time!


* at least

** or “foolhardy”


The roll call thus far



“Josh” (wants to be first into battle)



“Talorc” (who wants a rocket launcher)

“Veloxi” (wants a sniper rifle)

“Hikaru Usada” (wants… to be last out of the dropship)

“Riztro” (great psi bait)

“Rebecca W”


“Farnsworth” (wants to hang back and lob the odd grenade)



“2K Alan”


“Bruce Geryk”




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26 thoughts on “Who wants a walk-on role in my XCOM: Enemy Unknown squad?”

  1. My mind is about as sturdy as a sponge full of jam.

    What I’m saying here is that I would make for good psi bait.

  2. Let me lead the men out. First one out, first to be shot. That’s the way I roll.

    Also, I was playing XCom on my laptop while away and I found myself wondering why my fodder guys were living, and the much better rifle guys I had were falling down in crumpled little heaps on the ground. It was, and is, a crazy game.

    1. Let’s hear it for XCOM’s bravest scout!

      That sounds like typical XCOM Murphy’s Law. I’ve never forgotten the time one of my best snipers — in full power armour — was shot dead while standing in the back of a crowded Skyranger. x.x (Someone standing close to the ramp fired at an alien; the alien fired back.)

  3. Would you please add me as well? I think I might make a fine soldier, though I should probably mention that I have Chryssalidphobia (then again, who doesn’t?).

    1. They unsettled me just as badly in the original, by the way! I always dreaded Snakeman terror missions and bases, though I played carefully enough that I don’t think I ever had a soldier zombified.

      1. Chryssalids are pure nightmare fuel. My first encounter with them in XCOM was unforgettable, in a nightmarish kind of way. I think I lost half my squad to a couple of them… or worse.

  4. Add me ! …I’d probably be best in base, in the lab. But sod it ! Humanity needs saving ! So I will help the delivery crew, and direct the action from behind. I might be tempted to chuck in a package or two (greandes) when needed, though.

  5. I’d be interested too! A computer/research geek at heart, but a nice solid assault rifle is always a good choice.

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