Announcing my short story: The First Sacrifice

Artorius of Cairbrunn hates being dead.


In life, he was a hero, protector to emperors and scourge of the barbarians, before he was betrayed and killed. Now, hundreds of years later, he’s been summoned back to the world of mortals — and telling hero from villain is not as simple as he once thought.


A heroic fantasy short story about right and wrong; fallen kingdoms and rising upstarts; love, loss, and the lengths to which we’ll go for those we care about.


You can buy The First Sacrifice for just US$0.99 or read a free sample at Smashwords ( or at Amazon ( It’s available for Kindle (at Amazon) and in HTML, mobi, epub, PDF, RTF, LRF,  PDB and plain text (at Smashwords).


I also have ten (10) freebie coupons which I’ll email to the first ten people who comment and request them. I currently have nine coupons remaining.


I hope those of you who check out the story will enjoy it enough to recommend it to your friends. And if you’re thinking about ebook self-publishing, or you’re just interested in how it works, check out my fiction website!

3 thoughts on “Announcing my short story: The First Sacrifice”

  1. Hello! I’ve read the first chapter have really enjoyed it. Could I please get a coupon for the rest?

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