Kickstarter campaign opens for a Starbase Orion Android/Mac/PC port

Following up on a news item I posted last year, Chimera Software has launched its Kickstarter campaign for an Android/Mac/PC port of Starbase Orion. SO is a 4X space strategy title that – if the trailer is any indication – owes a clear debt to Master of Orion, and based on what I’ve heard about its current, iOS incarnation, I’m quite excited by the prospect of an Android version.

Chimera is seeking $40,000 for the campaign (it’s presently at $2,695), which closes on 6 March.

Starbase Orion Android/PC port to be Kickstarted next year!

Good news, fellow Android gamers! Starbase Orion, Chimera Software LLC’s Master of Orion-style strategy game for iOS, may come to Android next year. I sent an email to developer Rocco Bowling, and this was his reply:


I will be holding a KickStarter campaign early next year to help raise funds to port SO to Android and PC.  If it gets funded, it’ll get ported!


So keep an eye out for that campaign, folks!