3 thoughts on “Musical Monday: “Heartaches by the Number” (Fallout: New Vegas), performed by Guy Mitchell”

  1. I think that is my favorite from New Vegas as well, although I played it through again recently with all the add-ons and I also really enjoyed Vera Keye’s song, “Begin Again” that is unlocked in the Dead Money DLC. It is haunting, and for some reason reminds me of Sally’s song from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

    The music on Fallout 3 is my favorite overall, but I enjoy the New Vegas soundtrack as well.

    1. Thanks for commenting! Hm, I didn’t realise that the DLCs unlocked new music. I’m ‘only’ 20 or so hours into the main game, and haven’t touched the DLC yet. I’ve just returned to the game after a long break – it should be good to dig back in. :D

      1. There is a different station signal that you are picking up in Dead Money, and the song itself has a role to play in the story line of that DLC. I enjoyed all of the DLC for New Vegas. I thought each one was surprisingly difficult in its own way, with some enemies that are a little harder to kill no matter your level.

        I’ve had this song (Heartache) and Civilization, from 3, playing in my head off and on over the last 24 hours. Good thing I like these songs so much.

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