Be part of my Age of Wonders III Q&A!

Age of Wonders is a long-running and much beloved fantasy strategy game series, and last week, many of you guys would have seen Triumph Studios’ announcement that it should release Age of Wonders III later this year. I reached out to Triumph to secure an interview, and designer Lennart Sas said we can submit up to five questions! I’m coming up with a few of my own, but it’s been a long time since I played an AoW game (notwithstanding I recently reinstalled the most recent, Shadow Magic), so this is your chance. If you have any good questions in mind, please leave them in the comments below, and I’ll pick the best to send across!

2 thoughts on “Be part of my Age of Wonders III Q&A!”

  1. Can we expect multiple worlds/pocket realms to enhance mid game exploration and late game remote attacks?

    Will they look at a game like Dominions 3 for inspiration in terms of the crazy spells that exist


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