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I started Matchsticks for my Eyes in 2010, with a vision of building a hub for good, thoughtful writing about “worlds of wonder” – games, books, anime, and more. Since then, the site’s come a long way: it may not be IGN, but it does have a pretty solid 6,000+ page views per month, rising to over 8,000 for the last couple of months. And that vision hasn’t changed – we’ve earned our success on the back of some very good content.


Note the “we”; several wonderful guests have graced the site with their writing (on topics as varied as how to lose Crusader Kings II and worldbuilding in Final Fantasy XII). Would you like to join their ranks? If so, leave a comment, or drop me a query via email or the contact form, with your idea plus a link to where I can find samples of your writing. :D Unfortunately, I can’t pay for guest posts – those Amazon ads don’t even cover the cost of hosting, let alone paying for all those books and games – but I would be delighted to provide a link back to your website (if any).


Beneath the cut, I’ve listed a few possible topics – but these are merely suggestions! If you think it’s relevant, I’d like to hear about it. :)

Games and genre – There are a lot of speculative fiction games out there, but how do they fit within the broader genre?

Games, stories, and history – Are you a history buff eager to comment on how Europa Universalis models the Great Divergence between Europe and the rest of the world, or on the implicit assumptions of Civilization? Can you out-Seldon Seldon when it comes to the cyclical view of history embedded in “galactic empire” science fiction?

Works that aren’t in English – Have you played a wonderful game in Japanese (Taiko Risshiden, Gundam: Gihren no Yabou, Territoire…), Chinese, Korean, German, Esperanto? If so, I’d like to hear about it.

Let’s Plays and their shorter cousin, game diaries

And more…

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