Musical Monday: “Blasphemous Experiment” (Tactics Ogre), composed by Masaharu Iwata

In my review of Tactics Ogre last year, I praised its music as a “labour of love”, and now it’s time to highlight it. I had a hard time choosing a track for this week, but I eventually settled on “Blasphemous Experiment”, the theme that plays whenever you fight a certain powerful necromancer. Enjoy!




Track: “Blasphemous Experiment”

Source: Tactics Ogre: Unmei no Wa OST

Composer: Masaharu Iwata

2 thoughts on “Musical Monday: “Blasphemous Experiment” (Tactics Ogre), composed by Masaharu Iwata”

  1. This is probably my favorite battle theme in the whole game. I feel like I would’ve scoofed at the song on paper – a dark, forboding theme worthy of a necromancer with the melody carried by woodwinds? Yeah right! But it works so well. The PSP remake featured an arranged version of this song that makes it even BETTER.

    1. I think my single favourite battle theme is “Fight it Out”, with this one still near the top. The PSP version has one of the all-time best gaming soundtracks, IMHO!

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