How to add AI players to a Shogun 2 multiplayer skirmish

With its quick PvP skirmishes and its co-op campaign, Shogun 2 is my go-to game when I want to play multiplayer – but sometimes I want to play a co-op skirmish, with human and computer players. Until a couple of days ago, I thought this was impossible (not to mention a very odd omission), but it turns out the game does support comp stomps. This is how to set them up.


First, look at the top row of the screen:


See the silhouettes representing slots for human players? Delete a human player slot.


The screen should now look like this:



Then click the computer icon in the bottom-right hand corner of the box. The screen should now look like this:


Tadaa! You have now added an AI player – in this case, the Chosokabe. Click that AI player’s banner, and you can change its clan. Have fun stomping those comps!

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