Skyrim: now THIS is how to do music in a trailer

Not long after I talked about Bethesda’s unorthodox “promotion” for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim yesterday, I watched the game’s trailer, and I have to highlight one thing I absolutely loved — its music.


The trailer itself begins as fairly typical fantasy fare, but at circa 0:55, the on-screen action hits its stride, and at 1:10, an absolutely glorious vocal arrangement of the classic Morrowind theme kicks in.  The original version of the theme was quiet, hopeful, uplifting; this version is bold, triumphant, heroic. They’re both superbly suited for Epic Fantasy Adventures, and the Skyrim version is the perfect complement to the trailer’s visuals. That trailer has managed the rare feat of getting me excited for the underlying product, and it’s no small thanks to its music.

The funniest, most outrageous “promotion” I have ever seen*

Would you like all of Bethesda’s (and parent Zenimax’s) games, past, present and future, for the rest of your life?




There’s just one little catch – you must have a child born on 11 November 2011, and you must name that child “Dovahkiin” (Dragonborn).


This is the best part:


“Disclaimer: Any reward for completing this quest will not ultimately justify the potential teasing your child could — and probably will — endure over its lifespan. Bethesda Softworks is not responsible for your parenting. You may gain experience points for completing this quest, but you will not care at 3am on a work night. Completion of this quest may also result in decreased desire to play video games and/or function as a human being. Consult with your friends before embarking on this quest; while it may not start in prison, it probably ends there.”


I don’t think Bethesda meant its offer literally. At least, I really hope Bethesda didn’t mean its offer literally…


* Yes, I’m including’s faux shutdown, because that was just outrageous, not funny.


(Link courtesy of Repo Man at the Quarter to Three forums)