Musical Monday: “Omoi Haruka” & “Nahji no Uta” (Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit), composed by Kenji Kawai

This week, I have two songs for you: “Omoi Haruka”, the soft, gentle theme from the 2007 anime Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, and its vocal version, “Nahji no Uta”. Excellent but criminally overlooked, Moribito brings its low-fantasy world to life with such verisimilitude, I could almost think it’s really historical fiction. Composer Kenji Kawai’s (Ghost in the Shell, Fate/stay night) music, particularly the folk song-esque “Nahji no Uta”, is a key part of that appeal. Enjoy!





Track: “Omoi Haruka” & “Nahji no Uta”.

Source: Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit – OST #1.

Composer: Kenji Kawai.