Wreck-it Ralph lives up to the hype

Over the weekend I finally caught Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph on TV, and wow, I’m glad I did. In many ways it’s typical family movie fare, but of course it’s more than that; packed with  in-jokes, homages, and a fair few cameos, it’s a delightful love letter to 30 years of video games. If you’re part of its target market (and if you’re reading this blog, you probably are), then I heartily recommend it. Go in blind — don’t read synopses, don’t watch trailers — and I hope you have fun!

One thought on “Wreck-it Ralph lives up to the hype”

  1. I have been curious as its been a universally praised movie, especially by several sci-fi/fantasy authors since its release. It is on my radar to get to, maybe I can do that over the upcoming holiday season.

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