Clippings — 28 August 2013

My playthroughs of Europa Universalis IV and Ni no Kuni continue! The good news is, no more rebel problems in EU4. The bad news is, well, let’s just say this rematch with France is not going as well as I would have liked. Today’s news relates to three of my favourite gaming topics — strategy, JRPGs, and soundtracks:

  1. Ubisoft has announced Child of Light, a sidescrolling JRPG partly inspired by Final Fantasy VI! This will be one to watch.
  2. IGN has a good preview of XCOM: Enemy Within.
  3. Sid Meier’s latest game, iOS strategy title Ace Patrol, is now out on PC (Steam, Green Man Gaming, etc). Here is  a good retrospective on Meier’s career from several months ago.
  4. I’m keeping an eye on this Kickstarter campaign for Video Games Live: Level 3,  a proposed album of orchestral video game music.

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