Musical Monday: “Withered Earth” (Suikogaiden II), composed by Miki Higashino

This week’s song is probably the most obscure I’ve featured to date. It’s the opening theme to a game I’ve never played — Genso Suikogaiden Vol 2: Duel at Crystal Valley, a visual novel spun off from the cult classic Suikoden JRPGs. (You might remember I featured the opening theme to Suikoden III a while back.) It’s also a lively song with a unique sound, and like the Suikoden III theme, it goes really well with the accompanying cinematic. Enjoy!



Full credits

The song was originally composed by Miki Higashino for Suikoden II. It was apparently arranged for Suikogaiden Vol 2 by Yuji Yoshino. The full list of performers can be found here.

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