Gamers pop up in the least expected places

From an opinion piece in last Monday (25 June’s) edition of the Australian Financial Review, page 43. The author, Mark Lawson, mockingly lists ways for politicians to waste their time:


Playing computer games. After a period with Civilization V (the game title uses the American spelling), I’ve switched back to Civilization IV as the game play is generally more exciting. But for long periods I’ve been into Medieval II, Victoria II, and Darkest Hour (a fan remake of the classic Hearts of Iron II game).

But if Julia Gillard wants real detail in her games, she could try the very complex Hearts of Iron III…

… For those who want a more active experience, the zombie shoot ’em up Left For Dead my son sometimes plays on the internet seems like fun. For those not into conquest or zombie stomps, my daughter recommends The Sims III.


Total War, Paradox, and Civ — I certainly can’t quarrel with Mr Lawson’s taste in historical strategy.

2 thoughts on “Gamers pop up in the least expected places”

  1. Julia Gillard would be right at home playing a game which involves all manner of backstabbery and deceit. She’d be a pro :-/ Maybe she should skip HoI3 and focus on CKII.


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