Musical Wednesday: “Butterfly Garden”, “On Buddha’s Land”, “Lhasa Groove” and “Yellow Fever” (Sleeping Dogs)

Sorry for the delay, folks. This week, I have not one, not two, but FOUR songs for you — all are from Sleeping Dogs, since I just praised its soundtrack in my review. Three sound more traditional to my novice ears: “Butterfly Garden” (Ritchie Lo, M. P. Mabel Ki, and Charles Chan), which I linked in the review, is a lovely, relaxing vocal piece, while “Lhasa Groove” and “On Buddha’s Land” (Ritchie Lo) offer something more energetic. The fourth,  pop number “Yellow Fever” (note: Vivienne Lu, the artist usually credited, is a character in the game; the actual composer is Nathan Wang) might not be the best song in the game, but good lord was it hard to get out of my head. Enjoy!






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