Musical Monday: The Faction Themes of Endless Legend (composed by Flybyno)

I love Endless Legend‘s soundtrack, and I love its imaginative, distinct factions. This week, I thought I’d bring them together. Below, I highlight one theme from each of the three factions that I’ve played (there are eight factions total, each with two themes). Enjoy!

I raved about the Vaulters, the descendants of stranded spacefarers, a little while back. Appropriately for a people who seek to return to the stars, their theme is hopeful, optimistic:

Next up are the Wild Walkers, the closest Endless Legend has to a generic fantasy faction. They look like a cross between elves and Twi’leks, and their theme opens with attention-grabbing percussion:

Finally, the Roving Clans are wandering merchants who build their cities atop the backs of giant beetles. How cool is that? They have a very different aesthetic to their fellow humans, the Vaulters (check out that gorgeous album art!), and their music reflects that:


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