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Does a good game make a good anime? Persona 4: The Animation – eps 1 to 9

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I’m nine episodes into Persona 4: The Animation, the anime adaptation of the excellent PS2/Vita RPG; as I would like to eventually finish the game (I am “only” 30 hours in), I have paused at this point in the anime … Continue reading

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Suikoden Tactics: a reunion with an old friend

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  Oops.   When I made my last move, I thought I’d seized an opening. The pirate had his back turned; and when I saw I could take him down with one attack from Kyril, the game’s young hero, I … Continue reading

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Guest post: Writing and Worldbuilding in Final Fantasy XII: Story Isn’t Enough, by Matt Bowyer

A key part of a story’s appeal — whether it be a book, a game, or a movie — is its ability to transport me to a world of wonder, and almost as fascinating is peering behind the curtain to … Continue reading

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A history of heroes: storytelling in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

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Note: Storytelling in Dominions 3, part of this feature series, is available off-site. You can read it at Flash of Steel.     (Note: this article contains moderate spoilers for the game.)   Elaborate backstories are part and parcel of … Continue reading

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Peter’s Rule of the Ridiculous

Black Lagoon is an anime series following the adventures of a crew of modern-day gangsters/guns for hire/pirates, and one very out-of-place Japanese salaryman, as they  battle mob bosses, mercenaries and maniacs. Meanwhile, God Hand is a PS2 brawler about a … Continue reading

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