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Musical Wednesday: Big Iron (Fallout: New Vegas), by Marty Robbins

And we’re back! This week’s song is Marty Robbins’ 1959 country ballad “Big Iron”, featured in Fallout: New Vegas. Including it in the game was an inspired choice! Not only does the song help establish the game’s pseudo-Western atmosphere, but its lyrics … Continue reading

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Fallout: New Vegas: a post-nuclear Western (?)

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  (With apologies to every writer, director, and star of the Wild West)   EXT. THE MOJAVE DESERT   The one-horse town of Goodsprings bakes, silent, in the Nevada heat. One after the other, we see several POWDER GANG BANDITS … Continue reading

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Choose your own adventure IN SPAAACE: The Fleet

The Fleet is a CYOA-esque piece of interactive  fiction from indie outfit Choice of Games (I wrote about Choice of Broadsides, one of their earlier releases, last week). The Fleet trades in Broadsides’ sailing ships for space cruisers, and costs … Continue reading

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All aboard! Ticket to Ride: The Verdict

  The railroad must get through. Chicago must connect to Santa Fe. But I’m almost out of locomotives, my rivals are muscling in, and can I get three cards of the same colour?   Welcome to Ticket to Ride, the … Continue reading

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Choose your own seafaring adventure: Choice of Broadsides

“Fire the starboard broadside!” shouts the Captain.   Cannons roar as H.M.S. Courageous attacks the enemy frigate. As one of the junior officers–really, more of an officer in training–you command three guns on Courageous’s main gun deck. The guns of … Continue reading

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One of the greatest games of all time, Dominions 3, is now $30 at Desura & Gamersgate

First Aubrey & Maturin sailed into the digital world, and now one of my all-time favourite games, Illwinter’s strategy masterpiece Dominions 3, has finally made its way to digital download shops Desura (edit: and Gamersgate)! It’s also reasonably priced, at … Continue reading

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The Best Games of 2012

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Happy New Year, everyone!   2013 has dawned, and it’s time to review the best of last year’s games (that I played). This year I’ve opted to break from the traditional “best RPG”, “best strategy”, etc format normally used in … Continue reading

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