Musical Monday: “Space Beacon” (Digital: A Love Story), composed by radiantx

One of the cleverest and most memorable games I’ve played this year was Digital: A Love Story, Christine Love’s 2010 visual novel. Its retro, pseudo-8-bit music is a key part of its conceit, that the player is a teenager discovering the Internet of 1988. Below is my favourite piece, the energetic “Space Beacon”. Enjoy!




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  2. Looking in the /game/music/ subfolders of D:aLS is how I discovered Brother Android and 4mat who both make for really good listening. However, not sure where C. Love got Space Beacon; there is a RadiantX on famous demoscene site Pouët, so maybe that is the origin.

    • Peter Sahui says:

      They’re good, aren’t they? I even copied their songs (Space Beacon, The Stars Come Out, and the two 4mat songs) from the game folder onto my phone. :D

      In fact, I’d been meaning to buy some more of their music from Bandcamp – thanks for reminding me!

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