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The Witcher 2: first impressions

This is my first post on The Witcher 2.   1.  First impressions 2. Strengths and weaknesses (as of early Act 2)   I picked up The Witcher 2 when it went on sale a couple of weekends ago, and … Continue reading

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Persona 3 Portable: Finished! Initial (spoileriffic) thoughts on the ending

This entry is part 5 of 8 in the series Persona 3 & 4

Over the weekend, I finally finished Persona 3 Portable (not long after I finished my Conan the Barbarian post, in fact). In the coming weeks, watch this space for a spoiler-free review, and possibly a “Storytelling in Games” analysis piece. … Continue reading

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Guiltless Pleasures: Conan the Barbarian

For some viewers, Conan the Barbarian (1982) is something to watch while intoxicated: entertaining but not good. While I agree it’s flawed, I think it deserves better than to be thrown into the “guilty pleasures” bucket.  True, the movie is … Continue reading

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Guiltless pleasures: John Birmingham’s Weapons of Choice series

Formulaic movies. Shallow novels. Glitchy video games. Not the most promising material. Yet even these will have their fans. Some will have differences of opinion. Some, in between gales of laughter, will mumble: “So bad it’s good!” And some will … Continue reading

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Europa Universalis III: The price of freedom is deficit spending

This is part 2 of an irregular series on Europa Universalis III.   Part 1: The Byzantine Empire and puzzle-like gameplay. Part 2: The Manchus, hordes, and the consequences of deficit spending.     I recently picked up Divine Wind, … Continue reading

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