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Meet, the digital distribution price comparison site; Yasumi Matsuno moves to Level 5

1. Want to quickly check which digital distributor offers the best price on a given PC game? DDscout could be useful – I just discovered this site over the weekend. It allows you to compare prices across Steam, Gamersgate, Impulse, … Continue reading

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Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together – The Verdict

  This is the fifth post in my series on Tactics Ogre. Check out my earlier impressions of the game’s character profiles; four things it does better than FFT (and one it doesn’t); how I used different character classes in … Continue reading

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Persona 3 Portable’s setting: A pop-cultural window onto the world

This entry is part 3 of 8 in the series Persona 3 & 4

Compared to other RPGs, Persona 3’s modern-day world may seem mundane. The main character buys healing items not from armourers and apothecaries, but from the pharmacist at the shopping mall. He/she traipses through school hallways rather than half-sunken temples or … Continue reading

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Now this is inspirational – how one LittleBigPlanet fan was hired on as a developer

Talent + Hard Work + Opportunity = Success   The above formula is something of a truism, but in this week’s issue of The Escapist, I stumbled across a spectacular example in the video games industry: John Beech, a construction … Continue reading

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Could my dream of an open-world science fiction game finally come true? Prey 2

For years, I’ve wanted a really good, Ghost in the Shell-esque game that would let me wander around a futuristic city, gathering clues, wielding gadgets and hunting down evildoers. Now, it seems my wish may be granted: check out Gameshark’s … Continue reading

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Terraria first impressions: Patience seems to be required

Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint. Grab your tools and go! – official Terraria blurb   I picked up Terraria, the 2D … Continue reading

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One headline I’d like to see in a David Weber novel

The Honor Harrington series of space operas, by David Weber, features Space Commie bad guys who set out to conquer the galaxy when they realised their own treasury could no longer pay for bread and circuses to keep the mob … Continue reading

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The price of heroism: storytelling in X-Com

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Storytelling in Games

Note: Storytelling in Dominions 3, part of this feature series, is available off-site. You can read it at Flash of Steel.     Almost every game out there casts the player as a hero: someone who accomplishes great feats in … Continue reading

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Let’s Play the Empire: Total War Multiplayer Campaign – Episode II: Havoc on the High Seas, Losses in the Low Countries

When we left off with the first instalment of the Empire: Total War multiplayer campaign, Great Britain had held off the French at sea, while on land, the Dutch had driven a mighty French invasion force out of their homeland. … Continue reading

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Frozen Synapse: A good first impression

Over the weekend, I picked up Frozen Synapse, a new, cyberpunk-themed indie squad tactics game, and so far I’m quite impressed.   First off, the actual game seems pretty cool. It’s stylish, with its green-and-red outline soldiers, blue backgrounds and … Continue reading

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